Thursday, 14 February 2019

holiday writing

On the holiday we went to the fun fest in manurewa their were rides and

There was a big screen in the hall the big building is were you dance and go swimming we went on a ride that was very scary it was turning and going up in the air and then my mum aunty sister brother and my cousin

We went on it and not long the ride started going round and round.

I was very scared because it was going fast then everyone was screaming

Because it was going up in the air. I had my hat on my head the ride was going upside down. My aunty was filming with the apple Ipad she was

Scared she was gonna drop it on the floor the ipad was very heavy.

My aunty had to hold it very hard then the ride was going down.

It was going round and round for a while then it stop the everyone on

The ride had to go of and the other people go on. The we went on

Another ride it was a pirate ship and the captain was was a skeleton.

Then it was our turn to go the pirate ship it was scary then I think it was.

We hired a loud boom it scared me so bad. I was scared because I thought people will jump scare me. But when I went Into the red room I looked

To the left their was a zombie in the class they were moving trying

To get out of the class there was a coffin in the class too. inside the coffin it

Was green and a hand was opening the coffin then it stop. Then the zombie in the coffin came strate at my face blood was on the wall I look up. A girl was on the roof say hahahaha. Then I went to the green room there

Was a zombie coughing out blood it was scary for me. There was a lion

I was thinking it was going to jump scare me but it didn't I take one step

On the floor there was a snake in the lion's mouth I ran out of the pirate ship it was safe outside then i went In the hall I was watching hotel transylvania. not long I went back home to play fortnite the was the end

Of my holiday.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

My Earliest Memory

One day i had a scary feeling that something Will happen today my mum said should we go to the park. Then I saw tipi with a basket i said can i play while we were playing we saw a clown near the tree he was white and black. And then I told my mum that there was a clown near the tree she said We should go pick up your sister from school and your brother. I can still remember that clown near the tree I was feeling scary that he was going to follow so we got my sister on brother from school my mum ask me why was a clown looking at you I said I don't know why so my mum said we can go to The beach and play a game in the water with the ball we were still playing something went around me I ask my mum if it was a fish she got under the clean water she said run its a shark. I can’t run because the water was strong and heavy as I run the shark almost killed me there was a helicopter in the sky they pulled a rope down