Friday, 31 July 2020

Term 3 Goals.

                                                   Term 3 goals
My first goal: My first goal is being good while im in class and work hard as I can.
 My second goal is looking after the things around me.
 My Third goal is learning new things that are coming this term.
 And my 4 Is to come to school everyday and to have fun. 

Myths & Ledends Passport.

Whare tapa wha.

Monday, 27 July 2020

What Extraordinary means

Malo e lei lei welcome back to my blog. Learning new words everyday is important! through finding out what extraodinary means we learned new 8 words. be bothered to find out more! Increare your vocabulary daily!

Reading for term 3.

Malo e leilei ,Today we have returned to our literacy class. I'm in the riley group. This term i'm going to  read Judy Blume Double Fudge. I will be trying to read everyday for at least 30 minutes. Looking forward to achieving in reading this term!

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Drgon's eye lake.

Today we went to room three. We where learning about the dragons lake eye. There was two brother's one was blind and the other one had eye sight. the one who could see stole the land that the blind brother had. The blind brother put a curse on the brother and the land droped to the ground and became a lake. And that where the Dragon lived. Every year the dragon would have a bride a young girl the would have to marrie the dragon. The day after the wedding the girl will die and the dragon will cry and wait for the next bride to come and see him. Aristole came on his pegasus and saw a pretty girl that was crying because she was the next one to marrie the dragon. Aristole wanted to kill the dragon. he sprinkled moon dust onto his spear and threw it into the dragons heart. the dragon was in pain so he scratched his eyes out and he threw his other eye some where else and the other eye into the lake. That why its called the Dragon's eye lake.