Wednesday, 6 June 2018

my story

Start Writing Here: Once upon a time there was a bug with wing it was small there were lots of them they travelled from another
Place with lots of houses and and big buildings one night they
Went somewhere faraway when it was morning it woke up the bug was in
another country the bug was in tonga the tongan people Saw the bug and gave the bug a home. With some water in a bole Saw the bug and gave the bug a home. With some water
Then something came to the bug it was a bird that wanted to eat the bug. The bird got him and cranch the bird is the winner then
The bird flow of and went to its nest. Boom boom there was a
Big rabbit that came to its nest. It jumped so high that it higher
Then the nest and then the bird got scared the end

Friday, 18 May 2018


bats sleep during the day and they wake up during the night bats skin joins their fingers and their tail and their feet hope you Enjoy my blog thank you


owl are big they have big wings same owl are white brown black and they only came at night.
I hope you Enjoy my blog