Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Choose it narrative.

Begin Writing Here: Once upon a time there were 3 people who loved to play hide and seek. They were best friends since 2015 and their friendship was better than the rest of the kids. After they become friends they get along with each other. Then after a year they get kinda angry about each other. Like someone talking about them and how they don’t want to be friends anymore. It was Luisa's 12th birthday. Obviously I was invited because I am her best friend. She had people around the world who came but it was only family. She had a BIG MASSIVE CAKE I was so jealous I had a bit of cake. Then her mum bought some mysterious candles. That said time travel. I was wondering why it time traveled instead of 12 on it. As her mum lit the candles up me and kesia had to sing happy birthday. I didn’t want to sing because I thought to myself it was a baby’s song. But as they were singing I took out my phone and searched those mysterious candles. It said once you blow the candles light it will lead you through the past. I was really scared indeed. I just waited for her to blow the candles. I was going to tell her that her mom bought mysterious candles instead of real candles. I think her mum bought it because something mysterious was gonna happen. I remember mysterious candles were on a commercial. It was everywhere some people did not buy it because it was 400K dollars. I said to myself who would buy a set of candles for 400K. Instead of buying 1$ ones those are cheap. As she blew out the candles fire. Everyone froze instead of me luisa and kesia. Time started turning and the people were walking backwards. Its past 2020 then took us to 1958. It was weird my house was still there but some other people were living in it. I saw my mum as a little girl. She looked at me and stared at me and gave me those ugly looks. Everywhere was different. Luisa did not know what to do. So we had to stay back in time in 1958 and that's when we left the End

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Home Learning Week 7, Term 1, 2020

Te Taha Hinengaro: Te Taha Hinengaro is about using your WITS and learning new things and talking to someone if they feel upset. Helping others and being kind is helpful to one another. Using your kind works makes you feel glow hearted and thoughtful. Saying something not nice is very dark hearted it can hurt your feeling and your friend will be upset and feel unliked and bullied for being called that name like for example calling them hippo , pig or elephant.
Be kind and they will be kind back to you.