Wednesday, 21 November 2018

My Earliest Memory

One day i had a scary feeling that something Will happen today my mum said should we go to the park. Then I saw tipi with a basket i said can i play while we were playing we saw a clown near the tree he was white and black. And then I told my mum that there was a clown near the tree she said We should go pick up your sister from school and your brother. I can still remember that clown near the tree I was feeling scary that he was going to follow so we got my sister on brother from school my mum ask me why was a clown looking at you I said I don't know why so my mum said we can go to The beach and play a game in the water with the ball we were still playing something went around me I ask my mum if it was a fish she got under the clean water she said run its a shark. I can’t run because the water was strong and heavy as I run the shark almost killed me there was a helicopter in the sky they pulled a rope down